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'Pretend Love' - Pre-production - Producers BJ Plott, Dan Guardino, Michael Z. Gordon - Director Judy Norton - Starring Raquel Pomplun and BJ Plott *** 'Glass House' - In Development - Producer/Director Charlie Picerni Sr., Executive Producer Josette Perrotta, Associate Producers Rolling Seas, Producer/Screenwriter Dan Guardino, Producer BJ Plott. *** 'Hot Stuff' - In Development - Executive Producer Josette Perrotta, UK Director Vic Armstrong, Script Adaptation/Producer Dan Guardino *** 'The Devil is in the Details' - In Development - Producer Michael Z. Gordon - Script/Producer Dan Guardino, Producer BJ Plott, Director Cole McKay.

In Cinemas Now: "Zootopia" Disney Production - March 2016.
"Alice Through The Looking Glass" Walt Disney Productions - May 26th 2016.
"ICE AGE - Collision Course" 20th Century Fox 2016.
In Cinemas 2017:
"Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales" Filmed on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Due for release 2017 - No Official Disney Trailer as yet.

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Follow Rolling Seas on FACEBOOK and TWITTER * Rolling Seas proudly support the Heart Research Foundation at the Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Australia - leading the way around the world for heart disease.

Movie News: 2016: The romantic comedy "PRETEND LOVE" is in the early stages of pre-production! Producers BJ Plott, Dan Guardino and Michael Z. Gordon. Directed by Judy Norton. Absolutely Brilliant script written by Judy Norton! The beautiful Raquel Pomplun has been signed to contract for the lead female role, along with BJ Plott. Here is a glimpse of the romantic comedy to come: Log Line: 'When a starving aspiring actor gets the chance of a lifetime to work with a spoiled rich star, sparks fly. But they will have to get past their personal insecurities to have a chance at more than an on-screen happy ending'. A lot of fun to be had with this production.

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Pretend Love - Raquel Pomplun - Producer BJ Plott - Producer Dan Guardino - Producer Michael Z. Gordon

Latest News: The Australian/American production of the paranormal action adventure "Glass House" - director/producer Charlie Picerni Sr. - awaits our big Australian stars to take on the lead rolls for this epic production. A statue of the mythical creature, the Yowie stands in the Kilcoy Park, to prove the legend is very real! From the future to the past, only the archeologist, Dr. James Hay, and American journalist Sam Louis will uncover the truth. From Townsville, to the Glass House Mountains where the Irwin's Australia Zoo resides, this is the fabulous scenery location sets for the production. Max and Ariana Overton wrote the trilogy of novels "Glass House", Dan Guardino adapted the scripts for production. The Australian film industry need to seriously consider how much there is to gain from this production! as "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales" sails through Queensland waters for its 2017 release. Maybe Johnny Depp will grasp onto this script with both hands to give the character 'Spence' the larrikin trait he truly possesses.


Book Reviews 2016: "Scarab" Books 1 to 6: Egyptian Historic fiction. The rise and fall of the house of Rameses by acclaimed author Max Overton. Latest Review by Patricia Welsh: "I couldn't put these books down, they made me laugh, cry, and feel like I was watching the characters from the cool palaces of Egyptian nights, to the horror of Scarab feeling her maimed eye in the desert. I even grew to love the hot day's of the unforgiving life in the desert, the Pillar who loved her, and her faithful desert men. I fell in love with Ku from the first book. I truly believe you have been touched by God, Max. I am a believer, that people who have the power to touch other peoples' souls, ( Michael Angelo) ( Amadeus Mozart) and such artists, are rare people, who change the mundane into the miraculous. I have bought all of your book's on Ancient Egypt. I will be starting the first of the "Fall of the House of Ramesses" after I send this review. I would give you a medal for your books, if I could, but 5 Stars will have to show you how much I adore the stories." I am a believer in reincarnation, I have been since I was pronounced dead after a drowning accident. Please keep on writing. Maybe you could be persuaded on a story about Neffertary, wife to Rameses the 2nd, I am very fond of him also. He seems to be a very romantic man, from the poems he wrote for Neffertary. One of your avid Fans."

ET News: Another Wilbur Smith in Max Overton! "Fall of the House of Ramesses - Tausret" has won the 2016 EPIC Best Historic Fiction Award! "Fall of the House of Ramesses: Seti" and "Fall of the House of Ramesses: Tausret" were both finalists for the EPIC Award. Amazon Review: F Allen 2016: "Fall of the House of Ramesses 3: Tausret": Great story set in ancient Egypt, spy's, killings, war - A heart rendering story of love and how to do what is best even when it makes you unhappy." Max Overton's WWII novel "Konigsberg" also won the 2014 EPPIE AWARD for Best Historic Fiction. Max Overton is the Australian author of 24 novels with number 25 soon to be released through Wirters Exchange E Publishing.

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Publishing News: ** Copies of Alan Fink's "A Wonderful Life" have almost sold out!
"A Wonderful Life" is the Biography of a coach driver tour guide's life. 'He was a banana farmer's son but the world was waiting'. If you haven't travelled the world let Alan Fink, a coach driver and tour guide, take you not only on a journey to the heart of Australia, but around the world with his travels. Ansett Pioneer, McCafferty's, Greyhound, and Suncoast Pacific are just some of the coach companies the author has driven for in his long career. Copies of the printed book - with over 750 images to enjoy - are available through Rolling Seas Publishing, or from Alan Fink, P.O. Box 180, Bli Bli 4560, Queensland, Australia - $39.95, high gloss print from Blue Star Print, Sydney, Australia. The heart of the author shines through with brilliance as he tells his story.

Children's Books: Small Creatures with Enormous Characters is Book 6 in the Aussie Children's Book Series from Dominique Daniels Dee - "Harlequin & Jewels" shows kids just what mischief is all about! Amazon Kindle downloads will be on overload with the half price introductory offer on all six books in the Dominique Daniels - Dee - Aussie Children's Book Series - for Early Readers & Education. Even the smallest of creatures are grateful for the sweetest of treats. Visit the Cooeee! it's Magical! to read about all the books in this unique Aussie Children's Book Series.
Book 7 in the Aussie Children's book series has been written especially for the Heart Research Foundation charity. "The day the Fire ROARED Through" is available from the Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. " When an Aussie bushfire ROARS through there is not a lot anyone can do but trust in HEROES". ISBN:978-0-9872371-3-2. Author and Illustrator Dominique Daniels (Dee).

Rolling Seas proudly present three movies in the development stages of Production.

'Glass House' *** Development stage - Australian/American Paranormal action/adventure - Producer/Director Charlie Picerni Sr. - Executive Producer Josette Perrotta '300' - Associate Producers Rolling Seas - Screenwriter/Producer Dan Guardino.

'Hot Stuff' *** Action adventure Bollywood script by Dan Guardino - Development stages of production - Producer Dan Guardino Executive Producer Josette Perrotta - Academy Award winning UK Director Vic Armstrong, also winning the 2011 Hamilton Lifetime Achievement Award for Stunt Director. Associate Producers Rolling Seas Productions.

'The Devil is in the Details' *** Horror/thriller script adapted by Dan Guardino from the novel by Ariana Overton - Development stage of production with the Producer of 'Narc' Michael Z. Gordon.

Charlie Picerni - Director/Producer for "Glass House" - Stunt Director
IMDB Pro Charlie Picerni Sr.

GETAWAY ..... Die Hard 1 & 2 ..... Lethal Weapon 2 ..... Charlie Picerni Sr ..... 3 Days to Vegas ..... The Bleeding

Latest movie "GETAWAY" - Due for release in 2013 - Executive Producer Joel Silver - Charlie Picerni Stunt Director. "El Toro" 2013 - "Transit" 2012.
Past Movie Credits: "Basic Instinct" - "Ghost" - "Christmas Vacation" - "Road House" - "Gone in 60 Seconds"
TV Credits: Numb3rs - Criminal Minds - Law & Order - Torchwood.

YouTube video "3 Days to Vegas"

Vic Armstrong - Director/Stunt Coordinator - Author of "World's Greatest Stuntman"

Vic Armstrong Movie Credits: "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - "War of the Worlds" - "Mission Impossible III"
"The Golden Compass" - "I Am Legend" - "The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" - "Valkyrie" - "Thor"

YouTube video - Stunt Coordinator Vic Armstrong

Rolling Seas Publishing have published the first six books in the series of 18 Australiana Children's Stories by Author and Illustrator Dominique Daniels Dee.
All the published children's books from the Aussie Children's Book Series are available through Amazon Kindle eBook downloads on
Amazon Books
Book 1:
RooDooLoo - Amazon Kindle Books
Book 2:
The Twelve Days of an Aussie Christmas - Amazon Kindle Books
Book 3:
Chatterbox Street - Amazon Kindle Books
Book 4:
The Pirate Ship Alphabet - Amazon Kindle Books
Book 5:
The Adventures of BeBop the Mouse - Christmas Treat Amazon Kindle Books
Book 6:
Bugs & Beetles - Harlequin & Jewels - Amazon Kindle Books>
Book 7:
SKIDOO! The Day the Fire ROARED Through -Released April/May 2015.

All six books are available through Amazon Books Kindle downloads for iPads. Amazon Books and the Cooeee! It's Magical! page. To purchase print copies contact Rolling Seas Publishing.

News: Rolling Seas Publishing gave the gift of the children's story, A Christmas Treat, from "The Adventures of BeBop the Mouse" Series by Dominique Daniels - Dee. Visit Amazon Books and the Cooeee! It's Magical! page to enjoy the story anytime. From producers in L.A. - "BeBop's Christmas Treat would make a great animation for the Holiday Season." "BeBop" is in the process of being made into the script for animation.

Book Reviews by Felicity Baker and Chris Guardino can be found on Movie Trailers, Profiles & Reviews page. New Reviews.

Book Cover Designs: Photographic designer Julie Napier will create for publishers and authors, print or eBook cover designs. Photograph images, creative illustrations, or aquired copyrighted artwork, for front and back covers and marketing spines. Julie Napier is the book cover designer for the acclaimed author Max Overton. Julie created the book cover for "A Wonderful Life" by Alan Fink.


Rolling Seas Productions deliver Expert Script Coverage and Analysis through their Los Angeles Screenwriter/Script Consultant and Producer Dan Guardino. Resume for Dan Guardino. For a list of services & fees: Our Script & PR Services

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Please take the time to look at Dan Guardino's page on this website for more exciting projects currently in progress, involving:

Josette Perrotta - Producer of "300" - Executive Producer. Coming in 2013 - "White House Down"

Spiderwick Chronicles ...... The Mummy 3 ......... Taking Lives ............ 300

Michael Z. Gordon - Music and Movie Producer/Executive Producer. Created the theme song for the "Batman" movie.

Pulp Fiction ......... Narc ...... Michael Z. Gordon with the Beetles ...... Mafioso ...... Batman 1966 Movie

Rolling Seas are Associate Producers, providing Marketing and Publicity services for Authors, Screenwriters, Producers and Production Companies.

Rolling Seas Productions is the movie production side of Rolling Seas.

Publicity and Marketing, Agents, Novel to Screenplay Adaptation, Associate Producers and Producers - Rolling Seas Productions.

The marketing skills behind Rolling Seas span a period of over twenty years, for both Pamela Faye and the screenwriter/producer Dan Guardino. Sadly Mark Baker lost his battle with cancer in October 2010. His dream forever lives on through Rolling Seas with the new CEO Felicity Baker.

For Pamela Faye, a wealth of knowledge has been attained through the most proficient marketers America has to offer throughout the business world and the Publishing & Movie Industry.

The Australian Author Pamela Faye is an Entertainment Editor, Agent, Publicist and Associate Producer of Rolling Seas, for both the Publishing and Movie Industries.

Dan Guardino is the L.A. screenwriter/Producer for the affilliate company Rolling Seas Productions.

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