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This is Australia...
Kookaburra Laughs in Tall Gum Trees.

Associate Producer
ET News Editor
Publicist & Author
Pamela Faye

From the screeching cry of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos lifting from native trees carrying seeds
encapsulated in pods only opened by strong beaks, or raging bushfires fueled by the volatile
haze of eucalypt trees, this is Australia...

Kookaburra laughs, thrashing the squirm of a snake against smooth silver gray branches in tall
gum trees, rustling long slender leaves clustered as petal skirts around the intoxicating perfume
of honey rich brushes feasted upon by rainbow lorikeets and possums. As the brilliance of stars
emerge from the Southern Cross, sugar gliders curl tails around the gentle sway of far-reaching
limbs to feast and chatter in the night.

Heat rises from red earth shimmering waves towards the depths of azure skies blazing with the
scorching heat of sun, while kangaroo sleeps in sparse shade through the midday swelter of the
"Outback". Emu struts with defiance though his pace is lazy, his stride stretches two meters
at full run, he can easily outpace Roo, but there is little challenge from the bounding marsupial
who can leap equally as high as emus' stride. Animals and birds roam wild and free through the
vastness of the land lovingly known as "Downunder".

The land of "Dreaming", the land of "Dreamtime", it is the spirit of this great land that lifts to meet
the rage of droughts and flooding rains, it is the heart of a Nation settled from all lands. We paint
the pictures, we sing the songs, we tell the stories of beauty rich and rare, we are the spirit of
Albert Namatjira. From sweeping plains shading billabongs of life giving water, to ragged mountain
ranges flowing through valleys snaked with the glint of rivers rushing towards the vastness of open
seas girthing this land, under the glory of the constellations of the Southern Cross of eternal hope.
This is Australia...

The Australian author Pamela Faye speaks from the spirit of this land called "Downunder", delivering
timeless tales to the world through native cultures emerging from all lands as visions of rainbows
showering mist from the Seven Seas. Pamela is the creative artist behind Rolling Seas Promotions -
sailing from the port of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, under the helm of CEO Mark Baker
in July 2004. Together they created a dream, rising from the spirit of Aus to cross the seven seas.

Dreams are the visions of rainbows, they cannot be broken, living on for eternity. Our beloved CEO,
Mark Baker, rose to the stars when he lost his battle with cancer on October 6th 2010, and though
hearts were breaking, Felicity Baker picked up Mark's swag and carried his dream onwards as the
new CEO. We are the True Blue Aussie company, the associate producers, who proudly go
Waltzing Matilda with those who share the dream from "OZ" - "Somewhere over the rainbow".


Dan Guardino is the Hollywood Screenwriter/Script Consultant for Rolling Seas.
The company Rolling Seas spans the Pacific Ocean to link Australia with Los Angeles and the USA.
We are proudly a worldwide production company.

For Agents, Screenwriters, Producers, Directors & Actors, throughout the movie industry, Rolling Seas
cater to production, marketing, publicity, and Entertainment News worldwide.

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